Monday, March 1, 2010

My Birthday Dad.

My human Dad's Birthday is today! He is my hero, he helps people. I know he will get some big surprises today at work. Don't tell him... mom slipped in a present from me in his snack bag of my favorite foods, a Bannana. I know he will be surprised. What could be better than saying "Welcome March", but also saying "Happy Birthday Dad". WOOF WOOF & many tail wags....Dad also shares his birthday with Yellowstone National Park, wow!


Miley said...

happy barkday, dad!!!! Have a great one!!

lotsa licks,

judy in ky said...

Happy Birthday to Moose's dad!

dewdana said...

Wow he is a hero! Tell him thanks for doing what he does and we have trees full of bananas we would give him if he were here!

Samantha said...

Just home, Moose and glad to get back! Happy Birthday to your Dad! 3/1 is a furry special date - could have been 2/29-scary! My bro's wife AND my bro have 3/1 birthdays! Incredible! Happy birthday, again, to your dad!
Hugs xo

DC Dilettante said...

Happy belated birthday!! Sorry for the seriously late comment, unfortunately I have been MIA on my blog but really appreciate the terrific book package. I'm so looking forward to reading them, a very interesting combo and I love the bookmark. Thank you.