Saturday, August 4, 2012


Well, Mom is trying to catch up with the Passionate Observer group, so hang on...Here we go!
Meet my two new friends who carried all my "stuff" on our month long Colorado Trail hike, I LOVE them!  Mom + Dad called them my "Speechless Brothers".
Here I am during break time, do you like my clown nose!? My main job was to watch over the Llamas and make              sure they were having a nice time carrying all my "Stuff". Someday's they were not happy.... hummmmm.
My big paws loved rest time + day dreaming of the Trail. Our elevation is 12,500, which means NO TREES!
I saw A LOT of this!

Giving my BIG paws a rest for the day. Mom is excited to participate and meet everyone in the group. She will be             sharing LOTS of photos of our trip + our Colorado life. It is good to be back home and settle into my daily routine             as a Therapy Dog + the Studio Manager @ CabinPress Studio, our little Letterpress Shop.
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Susan said...

Wow ! great snippets of a very interesting & exciting life - I look forward to seeing (& reading more about your trip of a lifetime, well for me it would be ;-)

And ... who's the most handsome (& sweet llama lovin') golden retriever we know ?? you can call me Moose

xoxo Sam & Missy D and Susan too

Val said...

Hi there, thanks for the visit and the nice comment. I'll be adding you to my blog list as soon as I can remember how to do so!

karen said...

Moose has stolen my heart! What a love. Fantastic photos. I wish I could get my dog Sophie to sit still and pose so sweetly for the camera...instead she just gives me the stink eye and runs away. Moose is beautiful. I've had two golden retrievers in the past, and they were my best and most-loved dogs. Llamas I'm not familiar with...but yours looks amazing. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I'm still trying to get the knack of this picture taking thing. Enjoying it.