Monday, November 14, 2011

Blog Giveaway.

Mom is having a big giveaway, so spread the word! Put it on your Blog, post it to your Facebook page, tweet away, the more ways, the more entries you can have. The prize is -- 1, 2012 Limited Edition (#1) Letterpress Calendar shipped to you, anywhere in the USA, CANADA, MEXICO. If you have not purchased your calendar yet at the Etsy Shop, here is your chance. Here are the rules: **Guess how many times the ENTIRE edition of forty (40, that's a lot of dog years) went through Mom's Century Old Printing Press. Here is a wee hint-- each color ink or type change is "one hit", each piece is always loving placed by hand. Leave a comment on my Blog with your guess or email Mom at:    You can put in more than one guess if you post to your Blog, Facebook page, or tweet! I will draw the winner on November 30th, Good Luck + paws crossed for all.
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Susan said...

Hey !! I'm guessing including a cover page - it looks like 3 colours per page x 13 pages x 40 = 1560 ??

love from les Gang

judy in ky said...

Wow! My estimate came up a little higher... 13,720. At that rate, Mom's Century Old Printing Press must have had quite a workout. Anyway, they are beautiful!

NC said...

great blog, Moose! I'm guessing 1900.

nicole cordero

NC said...
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