Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hot Off the Press.

Well, I have spent many a night chained to the 'ol printing press and can now say I have finally finished our new 2012 calendar after many, many, many (lots) months of thinking about it.  Check it out at our Etsy Shop here. For those of you who don't know me, let me just say it takes me FOREVER to decide things! Like deciding on a size or format (large poster, 4 seasonal cards, a notebook style calendar…), the list goes on.  Once I finally settle upon something I just go with it!  I am so smitten with my choices: a 140 pound "antique" paper that once you feel it in your hands, you just fall in love with it, for those paper lovers out there! The 4" x 6" size works well for a desk or work space area. But the most exciting addition was the Aspen "stump" holder that goes along with each 2012 Calendar. Doug cut all 40 of them just oh so "perfectly" even though each one has it's own "individual" personality and the best part is you can re-use the little Aspen holder for years to come. The printing  itself went incredibly smoothly for me. As many of you know the most time-consuming part is changing ink -- You have to clean-up the press EACH + EVERY time, and the Golding’s rubber rollers are sometimes weird and very unforgiving. And on that note .... stay tuned for a 2012 Calendar GIVE-AWAY, coming soon.

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Susan said...

woof !!

Beautiful calendar - wow what a labour of love, you've done a beautiful job. Note to self begin 2013 calendar Jan 13th ;-) xo les Gang