Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Letter "H"

Today's Letterpress Workshop theme was the letter "H".  It was amazing what Lorie thought of to set that "H" apart from anything I have seen participants do before. Stunning Brown ink on Kraft envelopes along with Vintage type + cuts. I know everyone that receives her personalized stationery will enjoy the look and feel of Letterpress and that "third" dimension on some beautiful cotton paper.

She was very drawn to the CabinPress Studio's Hamilton wood type, I always love when folks appreciate the history of it. Mixing vintage wood type + 2 font families for one "H"appy coaster!

The puzzles pieces are waiting to be placed by Lorie

Little Minnie working hard again with vintage wood + lead handset type. A great end product from a very special evening of Letterpress Printing. I know Lorie will be thinking of her next project. It was so fun to get to know her and her artistic background!

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