Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Greetings.

My human mom loves spending hours looking through the great archives at the New York Public Library Digital Graphic site, I think it reminds her of her childhood of growing up back east and the fun visits to the huge space. Her and my human dad are not much for New Year's Resolutions.... she is more into lists, and lots of them. But one thing that did sum it up was coming across the NY Times column by Maira Kalman, who is also a fabulous book illustrator :    I will make plans for trips to gardens where I will sit and draw and eat a meringue and savor the moment ....that's it!!! SAVOR THE MOMENT. Our wish to everyone is to Savor all those moments in 2010, that is what we will be doing here in Colorado.


Sara said...

Savor the moment! I like that!! A great philosophy to live by.
Happy New Year to you and your mom!

Life With Dogs said...

A great message - short and sweet and it resonates. Happy 2010 from Vermont!

Iva said...

a very Happy 2010 to you!!