Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get Ready For A Waggin' Good Time

I am Moose the CabinPress Studio dog and welcome to my blog. The world has gone to the dogs…literally, hee, hee. I hope to entertain you with "tails" of my adventures in my home state of Colorado and beyond — once I get the hang of typing. When everyone meets me they always seem to comment on my Paw Size. Paws are a little big for the keyboard (note to self, develop dog keyboard, make millions, by acres of land to house tennis balls on.) I came to live with my owners Doug & Denise in August 2008, when they adopted me from my kennel. My kennel days are over and now I live the good life in Fort Collins, Colorado. I work at CabinPress Studio. My job is to look cute and get lots of pets, which I am good at. I have mind control over humans…”I am cute, pet me, you can not resist!” …works everytime. Anyway, I hope to post some interesting photos and maybe some insights into a Golden Retriever’s life. I hope you check my Blog often to see how I am doing, I will be around for a long, long time!

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